• Reggaeton / Spanish Trap
    Reggaeton / Spanish Trap

    DJ FILA brings you the latest Reggaeton and Spanish Trap Music Videos.

  • Hip-Hop / Trap
    Hip-Hop / Trap

    DJ FILA brings you the latest Hip-Hop / Trap Music Videos.

  • Music Production
    Music Production

    Services provided include Music Production, Remixing and DJ Services.

  • Vocals and Mastering
    Vocals and Mastering

    Services provided include recording vocals, mastering and audio engineering.

  • Technology Services
    Technology Services

    We provide technology consulting, computer repair, infection or malware restoration and mobile device support via "GoodAgain Tech".


DJ FILA.COM brings you the best of both worlds English and Spanish Trap.  DJ Fila is a Chicago USA based DJ, Electronic Music Producer that works with many genres but specializes in Urban Latino music and Underground House.  Popular Reggaeton / Spanish Hip-Hop Video Blog Since 1999.


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