DJ FILA Chicago

DJ Fila is a Music Producer and DJ of Puerto Rican descent currently based in Chicago, USA. Urban with a Latin Touch is one way that his style can be described. Popular Urban Latino DJ and video blogger.

The Website:

DJ Fila first started posting Reggaeton and Spanish Hip-Hop videos back in the late 1990’s.  Reggaeton and Spanish Hip-Hop popularity was already really popular in Latin America but flourished in the United States back in 2004-2005 thanks to DJ’s that were playing it early and underground websites that starting promoting the Music Videos such as DJ FILA.COM and BlinBlineo.Net.  In Puerto Rico you had websites like Sandungueo.com that also helped the scene.   Reggaeton Music Videos were hard to find at the time. DJ Fila was posting videos for years but when Reggaeton became mainstream with hits like Daddy Yankee’s “La Gasolina”, that made the website popularity sky rocket. There was no YouTube or social media at the time and DJ FILA.COM was one of the few good sources to find Reggaeton videos.  A lot of people copied afterwards but BlinBlineo.com and DJ FILA.COM were the 2 original sources for these underground videos at the time. Although never formally acknowledged, DJ Fila was a big influence in the expansion of Reggaeton from Puerto Rico to the USA and Latin America.

DJ Fila.com is still your source for the latest Reggaeton and Spanish Trap videos and also provides a platform for new artists to showcase their talent.  This allows new talents to be heard and also allows for producers to connect with possible artists to record with.

Dj Fila has worked with many artists and producers during the past years locally and internationally.  Internationally Dj Fila has worked with artists such as “Rey Maykel” from Peru and “Knights of Mongolas” from Spain to name a few.  Today DJ Fila is working with new artists  with new music expected to drop in 2018.  Send your Demo information if interested in collaborating in 2018.


Music Production
Audio Engineering and Mixing
Audio Recording and Mastering
Club and Mobile DJ
Technology Consultant


DJ FILA works on different genres of music but specializes in Hip-Hop / Trap / Reggaeton and House Music.

Previous work includes:

DJ Fila feat. Manelick, D’Boy, DJ 2 Tuff (Sound Addix Militia) – El Lloron:

DJ Fila feat. Manelick, D’Boy, DJ 2 Tuff (Sound Addix Militia) – A Veces es Mejor:

DJ Fila feat. AB Fiesta (Sound Addix Militia) – No Te Pongas Bravucon:

MC Heaven Soul feat Kupid (Prod. by DJ Fila) – A Little Bit of Love:

Uncommon  featuring Nature Love – Krazy (Uncommon Live Mix):

UNCOMMON: (Left to right) DJ Fila, Gabriel Rodriguez, Dave Dirzo, Devastating Dennis


Freek-A-Leek Remix (DJ Fila Sandunga Reggaeton Remix)

DJ Fila – Dora Jukes:


DJ Fila feat La Rebulera, AB Fiesta – Esto Es Perreo:

DJFila – FiLashbacks (Classic House MegaMix):

For more music and Mixtapes visit the Music page section of this website.